ATA Tigers

ATA Tigers program is designed for ages 3 & up. Our program will help your child build confidence, discipline, respect and many other life skills that will help them grow into a stronger individual. Classes are filled with fun, excitement and structure to ensure the best experience for you and your child.

Karate for Kids

ATA Karate for kids program is for ages 7-12.  The karate for kids program is a great way for your child to learn vital life skills to help them grow into the evolving world around them. They will learn to have confidence, discipline and respect to help become a better leader and an awesome martial artist.

Bully Prevention

Research suggests that almost 10% of school age children are the victims of a bully. Bullying is most common by the second grade and occurs throughout life. Bullying can be both physical and verbal, and can range from mild teasing to pushing and hitting. Bullying is even done quite often on the internet.


Teens & Adults

ATA Hamilton classes for teens and adults are a great way for anyone who is looking for a fun filled environment to get in shape, learn self defense and share an exceptional journey of becoming a martial artist.